Innovative Test Methodology. Take your requirements engineering to a new level with the TAMA Specification Editor. Benefit from the advantages of a specification tool, which allows you to specify in natural language on the one hand and on the other hand to be fully machine-readable at the same time. The semantics of your specification can therefore be automatically further processed at any time using downstream tool chains. From the code generation to the executable Test Case in the automation system of your choice, many technical things are possible. Customer-specific adjustments and extensions are possible at any time.

Modern MPS Technolgy. By using domain-specific languages ​​(DSL), the machine readability of your specification can be guaranteed at all times. The use of the latest MPS technologies also ensures that powerful mechanisms for processing domain-specific languages ​​are available.

Machine Readable Specification

Easily create real, machine-readable specifications for your functions, algorithms or test cases and increase your level of automation.

Reducing Manual Effort

Classic Specification that can only be evaluated with a great deal of Manual Effort are finally the things of past with the TAMA Specification Editor. Experience a powerful next generation Specification Tool. 

Integrated Automation

Reduce your manual effort and rely on the automation of your workflows and work process. Generate required artifacts directly from your specification document.

Current Development Phase.The TAMA Specification Editor is currently in the beta phase, but can be used at any time as part of joint pilot projects to raise your development and level of automation to a new level.

Productive Implementation. The TAMA Specification Editor can be made available as a free contribution within the framework of joint projects. Please contact us to analyze the added value based on your specific problem and to be able to jointly define the specific design of the required algorithms and tool chains. Only in this way, you can be sure that you can benefit to the greatest possible extent from the productive use of our tool chain.

TAMA Specification Editor


(in terms of Joint Projects)

  • Numerous possibilities for the complete automation of the subsequent tool chains as well as processes
  • Specifications can be fully machine-readable and processed further
  • Creation of dynamic specification documents based on domain-specific languages

Classic Tools


  • No degree of automation of all subsequent tool chains and processes is  possible
  • Specifications can only be interpreted through high manual effort, no machine-readable processing possible
  • Creation of exclusively classic and static specification documents