In the meantime, a good 40% of all Java developers are looking for a professional development platform for the free and open source Eclipse platform.  By using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (Eclipse RCP), modern, modular and platform-independent applications can also be effortlessly developed on the basis of the popular Eclipse framework.

Open source software development.   By using the Eclipse Public License (EPL), commercial applications based on the Eclipse framework are also possible at any time.  The entire Eclipse source code is available at any time and is updated and developed at very regular intervals.  The availability of hundreds of free and Eclipse-based libraries, platforms and frameworks also opens up completely new possibilities in the implementation of professional and modern software applications.

Platform independence.  The consistent use of Java technologies ensures that your Eclipse development projects have almost unlimited platform independence.  With only a minimal migration effort, you can roll out your applications based on the Eclipse Rich Client platform under the operating systems Microsoft Windows, Linux and MAC OS, without having to open parallel development paths.  This increases your flexibility and greatly reduces your porting costs.

Modern data models.   Well-developed frameworks with a high level of maturity also support your development based on the Eclipse platform.  By using EMF technology (Eclipse Modeling Framework) you can create your complete application based on a central data model.  All code that would be necessary for handling the required application data can thus be generated automatically from a central data model.  This permanently lowers your development costs.

Professional Eclipse development.  Our Eclipse RCP developers and software architects, who have many years of experience, will be happy to ensure that you can benefit to a great extent from all the advantages of the Eclipse platform in order to effortlessly manage highly scalable and professional application development projects on this basis.