Our Promise on Quality

In order to offer our customers the best possible quality of our services, we plan to undergo regular ISO-9001 certifications and corresponding annual surveillance audits.  This includes complete disclosure and auditing of all business processes as well as continuous optimization of our internal processes.

Through this independent control body, we promote efficient operational processes, which also benefit you with the processing of your projects.  The continuous readjustment of our business processes also leads to numerous innovations in the development of our Enterprise Resource Planning & Management Systems. 

We are also familiar with other domain-specific quality requirements and standards, such as Automotive SPICE for the development of software systems in the automotive sector.  We are also happy to act as a consultant here to ensure you automotive success.

We are also increasingly orienting ourselves towards further process maturity models such as CMMI in order to continuously improve our internal processes and to create more efficient processes and structures for the benefit of our employees and customers.