Efficient software applications have traditionally been created for many decades in high-level languages ​​such as C / C ++ and their derivatives such as C #.  This is still valid today, so that large parts of the industry legitimately rely on this language family for reasons of compatibility and performance.

Performance and optimization.   Due to extreme freedom and possibilities with regard to efficient memory management and the possibility of hardware-related implementation, languages ​​such as C / C ++ are still dominant in domains in which full control over runtime behavior and memory management of the resulting applications and algorithms is required.  This applies, for example, in the automotive industry as well as in medical technology or in all domains in which real-time requirements, memory efficiency and hardware-related programming play a role.

Object orientation.  Established languages ​​such as C ++ today also offer powerful, modern and complete implementations of object-oriented principles and concepts, which means that a comparison with significantly more modern programming languages ​​such as Java does not have to be shy.  Since object-oriented C ++ can run without the imperative need of a virtual runtime environment, object-oriented applications based on C ++ can be put into operation in a particularly resource-saving manner.

Compatibility and interoperability.   C ++ derivatives such as Microsoft C # ultimately also close the gap regarding interoperability, at least within the Windows platform.  C # components integrate seamlessly into both legacy C ++ applications and modern Windows architectures based on the .NET platform.

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