Enterprise Resource Planning System. Complex company processes require simple and well-thought-out IT solutions in order to best depict everyday business life and to simplify existing workflows. The constant reduction of manual process steps is a constant requirement for our Enterprise Resource Planning systems. The world's most widely used open source ERP system serves as the basis for development.

Agile Software-Development. TAMA Agile Development ERP extends the functionalities of this generic ERP system with the modern requirements of agile software development projects. Consistent support for configuration management systems such as GIT is implemented as well as well-thought-out features for the effective application of SCRUM methodologies (sprint management and sprint planning, agile teams, KANBAN, burndown charts etc.). The full integration of these functions in time recording and project management is particularly valuable.

Modular ERP System

Thanks to modular software architectures, our ERP system can be expanded at any time with customer-specific or domain-specific components.

Agile Software Development

State-of-the-art functionalities of agile software development (SCRUM methodologies and KANBAN) are comprehensively supported as central components.

Seamless GIT Integration

A seamless integration of the modern configuration management system GIT enables consistent software development workflows within one single web-based ERP environment.

Current Development Phase. The TAMA Agile Development ERP is currently in productive use for the management of our own business processes as well as for the management of our automotive projects including the use of the latest agile software development methodologies. The system is currently under development and will continuously be expanded with further functionalities, especially with a focus on the specific challenges of the automotive industry.

Productive Implemenation. Without any kind of barriers our customers can immediately start using the TAMA Agile Development ERP system. Please contact us to discuss the details of a possible migration and / or to get to know the implemented functions as part of a joint walk through.

Traditional ERP System

High Monthly Cost

  • No support for Agile Software Methodologies, focus only on generic ERP
  • Isolated Software Development

TAMA Agile Development ERP

Scalable Monthly Cost

  • Intensive integration of agile software development methodologies (SCRUM, KANBAN)
  • Agile software development methodologies fully integrated into the ERP system

Traditional ticket systems

Moderate Monthly Cost

  • Agile software development methodologies, but not as part of a fully integrated solution
  • Agile software development for some systems well integrated