The programming language Oracle Java can no longer be imagined as a pioneer of object-oriented programming in modern software development projects.  The advantages of object-oriented programming as well as complete independence from the operating system have become established throughout the industry, so that Java can be found nowadays even in the embedded area and in vehicles.

Object oriented programing.  Due to the object-oriented feature set, Java has numerous advantages that raise the language to a completely new level compared to previous programming paradigms.  The inherent type safety should be mentioned as well as the principles of information hiding, data encapsulation and mechanisms such as inheritance and polymorphism. 

Interoperability.  Since Java applications, unlike conventional programs, are always executed within a virtual machine (Java Virtual Machine), the same application can be easily ported from one operating system to another by using different virtual machines without making any significant changes to the software to have to.  Real interoperability is thus guaranteed from the start.  As a rule, this leads to an extreme reduction in the implementation effort, since time-consuming porting or even re-implementations for new target platforms are almost eliminated.

Modularity.  Due to the numerous mature object-oriented features in Java, completely new possibilities for the reusability of software components can be created through a well-thought-out software architecture as well as through a distinctive modular, generic and object-oriented design.  Thanks to the consistent object-oriented paradigms, time-to-market can be significantly reduced, as can the overall costs of your software development project.

Object oriented design.  Our software engineers with many years of experience are happy to assist you at any time in the design of real object-oriented software architectures and in the specification of your object-oriented software components.  From the creation of your software architecture to the implementation, you can be sure that you can benefit from the advantages of object-oriented programming in the best possible way.

Efficient object-oriented implementation.  Benefit from professional and consistent software development using the latest object-oriented mechanisms, from design to implementation of your software components.  Our software developers and architects can look back on many years of experience in the development of modern object-oriented applications and are eager to implement modern object-oriented software development practices in your projects.