Automated Test Case Generation. Due to the ever increasing complexity and the extreme variety of modern electronic systems and Automotive Electronic Control Units, there is an increasing desire to be able to generate Test Cases automatically within the respective Test Automation System. This Automated Generation of Test Cases leads to noticeable cost efficiency and reduces the effort of test case implementation to a minimum.

EXAM-Test Automation. The test automation system EXAM (Extended Automation Method) is currently one of the most widely used test automation tool chains in the automotive sector, especially in Hardware-in-the-Loop validation (HiL) of electronic components. The TAMA EXAM Testcase Generator is able to generate test cases in EXAM models fully automatically using a standardized XML format. 

Integration of TAMA Specification Editor. In order to provide an integrated tool chain, the TAMA EXAM Testcase Generator can be used at any time in combination with the TAMA Specification Editor. Both tool chain components use the same standardized exchange format. In this way, a created specification can be read directly into EXAM without further detours in order to immediately generate productive test cases.

Generic Functionality

The test case generator is deliberately limited to core functionalities in order to be able to meet any functional safety requirements with minimal complexity.

Hassle-Free Integration

Due to the usage of standardized file formats (XML), the generator can be easily integrated into existing tool chains at any time in order to be used in corresponding customer projects.

Modular Design

The modular design of the test case generator was designed so that it could also be used outside of the EXAM framework at any time with little effort. So other test automation tools could also be integrated at any point of time.

Current Development Phase. The TAMA EXAM Testcase Generator is currently in the beta phase, but can be used at any time as part of joint pilot projects to raise your development and level of automation to a new level.

Productive Implementation. The TAMA EXAM Testcase Generator can be provided as a free contribution within the framework of joint projects. Please contact us to analyze the added value based on your specific problem and to be able to jointly define the specific design of the required algorithms and tool chains. Only in this way can you be sure that you can benefit to the greatest possible extent from the productive use of our tool chain.

Alternative Testcase-Generators

High License Cost

  • No (re) use outside of EXAM
  • Tool Chain Qualification is impossible
  • Proprietary solutions, not expandable

TAMA EXAM Testcase Generator


(in terms of Joint Project)

  • Integration into other Test Automation Systems is possible at any point of time
  • Tool Chain Qualification is possible at any point of time
  • Modular design, expandable over customer-specific requirements at any time

Manual Implementation

High Human Resource Cost

  • Extremely complex migration, only possible with great manual effort
  • Qualification of the test cases created is complex
  • Only manual extension of existing test cases