Multiple Cardinality Error

Multiple Cardinality Error


How to solve "Node under $LOOP$ macro should have multiple cardinality" ?

You will be familiar with this issue, if you had been working a lot with generators and using lot of LOOPS to generate your contents.

So the issue here is, the node looked under this loop is already having multiple cardinality but yet you face this error


Enclosing this LOOP within a XML element actually resolves the error, if this kind of generated output is expected then this resolves the error. 

But if you do not want to change the structure but still resolve this error, here is the solution.

Enclose the template fragment in an XML element, just to keep MPS happy 🙂. Note that if the enclosing element is not a part of the template fragment (i.e. not inside the <TF ... TF> quotes) then having it will have no effect on the output.

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