TAMA Testcase Generator Release v1.8.0
An update in our testcase generator tool

We are happy to present recent release of the TAMA Testcase Generator v1.8.0 to our customers.

As one of the essential elements of the release, in addition to bug fixing and usability issues, emphasis was placed on further developing the source code generation.

Take advantage of the opportunity to generate executable source code directly from your formal test case specification. The programming languages ​​C, C ++, Java and Vector CAPL are currently supported.

The complete basic structure of the libraries defined in the TAMA Specification Editor as well as the content of the test case specifications specified here can be generated. Test suites that contain a call to all generated test cases can also be generated automatically here.

From the user's point of view, only the library operations generated as a basic framework (including a corresponding reporting) need to be implemented in order to obtain a fully functional test suite in the desired target language.

TAMA Specification Editor Release v1.6.0
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