TAMA Specification Editor Release v1.6.0
A Tool developed with Jetbrains MPS
We are pleased to present one of our recent releases of the TAMA Specification Editor v1.6.0 to our customers.

As a highlight, the implementation of the ReqIF standard now offers for the first time the possibility of being able to synchronize test case specifications specified in the TAMA Specification Editor with existing requirements management systems.

This version supports all the systems that has the international standardized Req-IF standard that is been implemented within itself. In the automotive sector, this includes, for example, the frequently used applications such as IBM Doors, PTC Integrity (AVW) or Siemens Polarion, as well as many other specification tools.

Nothing stands in the way of using the TAMA Specification Editor as a central application for the formal specification of test content, as full integration into existing ReqIF tool chains is now guaranteed.
TAMA Testcase Generator Release v1.8.0
An update in our testcase generator tool